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Friday, June 5, 2015

About the Drew Woodson The Luck of the Draw Series

In the 1850 into the 1900s gambling was prevalent in the Old West.  Almost all cowboys, miners, and settlers played games of chance.  Gambling was an integral part of their risk-taking nature.  This environment, one of quick profit (or loss), of mystery, excitement, and vengeance, seemed a perfect setting for our gambling series, The Luck of the Draw.
In this three-book series, Drew Woodson, along with his young, devil-may care partner Tommy Garth, experience danger and adventure as they try their luck at mining and at the poker table.  The series consists of three standalone novels.  An over-arching theme concerning Tommy’s past spans all three books.

The Devil's Game

The first book of the series finds Drew Woodson winning a mining claim from Blackjack Logan in a poker game.  But the minute he yields a lucky strike, Blackjack and his gang kidnap Tommy and steal the gold.  Drew must tell Tommy’s fiancé, Celene, who he Drew secretly has deep feelings for himself, that Tommy has been kidnapped and most likely has been murdered by the bandits.  When Drew finds one of the bandits hanged, he must face the possibility that his own partner has betrayed him.  Determined to discover the truth or die, Drew is forced to become a player in The Devil's Game.

The Fifth Ace

A friendly poker game at the Red Elk Saloon ends with gubernatorial candidate Oren Perley dead at the table. The other three players claim a disguised stranger shot Perley from the doorway and fled. The only clue is a fifth ace found near the dead man's feet. Drew Woodson's mining partner, Tommy Garth, is wrongfully blamed, but the remaining poker players, afraid to tell the truth, are sticking to their fabricated story.  Vigilantes soon swarm into Leland intent on avenging Perley's death.  Woodson must save Tommy and find the real killer before the witnesses are eliminated one by one or an innocent man is hanged.  The sheriff soon find that Woodson, too, has his reasons for wanting Perley dead.  Now that he's saved Tommy, will he be able to save himself from the hangman's noose?

 The Wild Card

Drew Woodson's arch-enemy, Matt Ferris, becomes his new mining partner when Tommy Garth gambles away his share of the Lyra Shay mine in a fateful game of poker. Ferris, wasting no time trying to gain full control of the mine, attempts to sink Drew so deeply in debt that he will be forced to sell out.  When Tommy's step-daughter, Marlene, is kidnapped, Drew is forced to borrow heavily against his share to pay the ransom. Tommy, distraught over his step-daughter's kidnapping and insistent that Ferris cheated him, is vowing revenge.  Soon, the situation erupts in violence.  Just when Drew thought poker was the worst of his troubles, Tommy turns out to be the wild card in an even more dangerous game. 

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