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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How Two Sisters Started Writing Westerns

Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson  photo by (c) Cupham

A deck of cards—many were found in the home where we were raised.  Our five uncles played small-ante poker, always laughing and having a good time.  As kids, we learned the rules and, emulating them, willingly traded our pennies for a share in the fun. 

Both of us became intrigued by the history of the Old West, fascinated, in particular, by the gambling that reigned for years unchecked.  We have spent much time visiting historic mining and cow-towns and in studying the men and woman who populated them.  We've never believed that most of these stories were simply myths, but found them very well-documented.  It is hard not to admire the strong and determined, not to mention risk-taking, people of our nation's past.

This interest, blended with our love of writing, caused us to create plots and characters, male and female, on a fast track to trouble.  The Luck of the Draw Series starts with Drew Woodson and his young partner, Tommy, in danger because of a poker game.  This theme carries through three books and planted the seed for the modern-day Sheriff Jeff McQuede.  He appears in the High Country Mystery Series, his relative and namesake, a frontier sheriff from the Luck of the Draw series.

Our stand-alone, Death Comes in Pairs, was inspired by our travels through grasslands and rugged mountains, the site of bloody cattle and sheep wars.  Our latest western, Rails and Aces, opens with a poker game on a train through Wyoming

Most of our writing is in the mystery genre, and this love for a puzzle carries over into our westerns. 

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